Industry Talk

Airbus tests new laminar wing

September 28, 2017 John McDermott 0

Airbus flew its first laminar-flow wing test flight early this week for the EU-sponsored Clean Sky “Blade” project. The A340 flown in the test, a jet called ‘Flight Lab’, took off from the Tarbes Aeródromo […]

Pilot Talk

Ryanair CEO wrong on pilot fatigue

September 25, 2017 John McDermott 0

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, said earlier this week that pilot fatigue as a result of flying short-haul routes doesn’t exist and that pilots at his airline fly a maximum of 18 hours per […]

Traveler Talk

Wizz Air to allow nameless bookings

September 24, 2017 Hub Writers 0

Wizz Air is allowing passengers to book flights without including all of the passengers’ names at the time of booking with their new ‘Flexible Travel Partner’ service. The service is targeted for customers who want […]