Industry Talk

Comac C919 Completes First Flight

May 6, 2017 Hub Writers 0

The COMAC C919, China’s first Jet Airliner, made its first successful test flight last Friday. With this jet, COMAC, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, hopes to join the duopoly of Boeing and Airbus in […]

Industry Talk

The Airbus A319neo Takes Flight

April 1, 2017 Hub Writers 0

On March 31, the newest addition to the A320 family, the A319neo, took flight. On its maiden journey, the aircraft made its way from the Airbus factory in Hamburg to Airbus’s headquarters in France to […]

Flyer Talk

Rare Planes You Can Fly in 2017

March 23, 2017 Max Trimm 0

For any hobby, there is always the rare example that everyone wants to witness with their own eyes. For car lovers, it’s the classic Ferrari racecars or original American sports cars from the 1950’s. For […]