Flyer Talk

Rare Planes You Can Fly in 2017

March 23, 2017 Max Trimm 0

For any hobby, there is always the rare example that everyone wants to witness with their own eyes. For car lovers, it’s the classic Ferrari racecars or original American sports cars from the 1950’s. For […]

Industry Talk

Third Cessna Citation Longitude enters Testing

March 21, 2017 Jack Sann 0

On March 17th, Cessna’s Citation Longitude program took another step forward. The first flight of its Longitude prototype, registered N702Gl, departed Wichita, Kansas and completed a nearly 2 hour test flight. Cessna test pilots Corey Eckhart, […]

Industry Talk

Solar Impulse 2: Transatlantic Crossing

March 12, 2017 David Xian 0

-June 23, 2016: Solar Impulse 2 flown by Betrand Piccard landed in Seville, Spain, becoming the first plane to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean without fuel. Its flight over the ocean lasted an arduous 3 […]